Tony is a winner!

He’s been playing with us since pretty much day one and finally Tony Bramall has his hands on a new piece of kit, and we couldn’t be happier for him. We told you it would never be cheaper to win a Daiwa LT reel – and Tony will have his on the back of a 99p ticket! How’s that for awesome value. Even better, Tony tells us he’s never won a prize like this in his life, which just goes to prove the power of perseverance. Some guys have managed multiple wins with ten-ticket entries… and that‘s great. Tony has hung in there, playing when he can – and remaining cheerful during the live draws even when his numbers haven’t come up. He’ll tell you his good humour is down to watching with a beer in hand, but we reckon it‘s down to being an all-round good guy who has been a great supporter in our first months. Cheers, Tony. You’re proof that good guys do finish first from time to time. Enjoy your new Daiwa!

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