Supplies surprise!

Somewhere among these containers hides a fishing jacket destined for competition winner Steve Cottiss! We’re only half-joking. Some of you may not know that there’s three of us running TackleSwoop (it’s not us in the hard hats) and two of the guys have day jobs in the tackle trade. We work with brands from all over the world, Europe, USA, Japan, China, pretty much everywhere. Some of these brands you’ll know well, others you will never have heard of, but right now, they’ve all got one thing in common. Thanks to COVID, they can’t get hold of any stuff. We mean like… at all.

Everyone we speak to is tearing out his hair because of it. There are anglers all over the world desperate for gear, but warehouses are empty and the cost of containers from China is four times higher than 12 months ago – if you can book one at all. One tackle company down in Devon told they wait in the car park for deliveries and pop champagne corks if all the stuff they ordered is on the truck. We don’t think they were pulling our legs, either.

Which is a roundabout way of saying thanks to all you guys who have won comps with us, but have had to wait just that little bit longer to get your prize. And a special big thank you goes out to TackleSwoop regular Steve in particular. Steve won a Preston DF Competition Suit with us and – thanks to a certain store we won’t name – received the bib n brace but no jacket! See the pic he kindly sent us. We’ve been on the case for weeks and lost count of the direct messages from Steve, all very polite we might add, but definitely to the point. And quite right too. Steve – as you know, we’re on the case but these issues are bigger than all of us. We can’t promise champagne, but there’a a competition for beer running on the site right now. It won’t be long before we get that jacket delivered. And we’ll crack open a Special Brew when we see you modelling the full suit on the bank!

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