No more catty catastrophes

We have a Pellet Waggler Bundle up for grabs right now, and here’s John with some timely advice. If you’re in it, and you win it, think carefully about adding a very particular piece of kit.

Here’s John: “If you’ve ever fished the pellet waggler you’ll know just how busy you need to be to get results. Before we uploaded this latest competition, I saw a Facebook post about an angler struggling to catch when fishing the tactic. It was obvious that he just wasn’t being active enough. What I’ve learned from dozens of matches over the years is that fishing the pellet waggler effectively requires a rhythm. Generally speaking it’s feed, cast, twitch, reel in, feed, cast, twitch, reel in, and… well, you get the idea.

“Now, to do this correctly and to make sure you’re prepared, you’re going to need the right tackle and by that I mean catapults… and lots of them. Why? Because if you are constantly firing in pellets via a catty, you will get breakages throughout the course of a five-hour match. I was caught out once when I was getting my head around this tactic, and within three hours of a match I had gone through three catapults. The elastic had either snapped or slipped off its connecting peg.

“Now, I know that tackle has come along in quality and that includes catapults. But I still wouldn’t think it strange to have upwards of five catties on hand at any one given time. Imagine it, you’ve just started your session/match and you’re starting to see signs of carp up in the water boiling after you’ve fed. It’s taken you a good 45 minutes of repetitive feeding with your catty to get them there. You reach for your pellet waggler set-up and hook into a carp on the first, second and third cast… things are going well until yes, that elastic snaps and your one and only catapult is knackered. Sure, you can start faffing around trying to fix it, but you know it’s a pain and meanwhile, your mate on the next peg has drawn your fish and your session on the waggler is over!

“We know we’ve got the timing of this latest comp just right. And yes, any winner is going to be tempted by the chance to buy new line or floats or pellets. But don’t neglect the catty. I know I’m not alone in losing fish this way. Here‘s a chance to avert disaster. If you get the chance, invest in some catapults and elastic. Tight lines!”

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