Feeling Hungary?

John writes: “Okay, okay, that’s a terrible pun in the headline. But it’s what happens when you’ve just come off the phone to a Hungarian bait company that’s producing some pretty cool and innovative hookbaits, and you are in with a chance of trying them out. You get a bit excitable.

“And that’s the beauty of my day job. I do get some nice offers from customers around the world. And what grabbed my attention with these baits was their unusual flavours and, even more so, the far-out colours they’ve used for added attraction. I get to speak to loads of worldwide manufacturers and tackle companies about all sorts of fishing gear, and I can tell you that these hookbaits look absolutely bang-on for match-sized carp.

“I won’t give away too much just yet. But here’s a little tease on the flavours. You just know they’ll give me an extra edge: Strawberry & Honey, Squid & Garlic, Pineapple & Blueberry, Coconut & Vanilla, Krill & Belachan and Chocolate & Orange.

“Hungary is a hotbed for bait producing in Europe. The guys over there really know their stuff. But my chat also set me to thinking. How do you feel about bait from brands way outside the UK? From places like Hungary? Would you give them a go, or will you always stick to your classic producers from back at home? I’ll have some in my hands soon and if they are as good as I hope, I’ll let you know – and I’ll let you know the company. And if there’s enough interest, we’ll add them to an upcoming competition. Could be an interesting experiment…”

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