About us

Love new gear? You’ll love TackleSwoop

I’m John Watson, the co-founder of TackleSwoop, and I’ve been a match angler since I was a youngster. For me, only one thing comes close to catching fish, and that’s getting my hands on new gear.

As a passionate angler, I’m sure you feel the same. There’s simply no such thing as having enough kit. And there’s always something new on the market to tempt us. Well, here’s the good news. Anglers everywhere now have the chance to get their hands on some absolutely stunning gear – thanks to TackleSwoop.

Before launching TackleSwoop I worked on angling magazines and in the bait industry, which means I’ve been lucky enough to fish with loads of the newest high-end kit of the past twenty years. I know good fishing tackle when I see it, but I also know that the best gear doesn’t always come cheap. 

And that’s the simple concept behind TackleSwoop. Together with my co-founders, I want to help as many anglers as possible experience the thrill of owning high-end, box-fresh reels, rods, poles, bait and accessories – again and again and again – simply by being part of our easy-to-enter competitions. 

We’re a team that combines connections in the angling trade, a love of fishing and sound business credentials. Which means that, up front and online, you get good gear, a trustworthy service and a genuine value-for-money opportunity to win – and win big.

At TackleSwoop we pledge to source high quality, high-end tackle from leading brands – and to keep our ticket prices low and, by limiting those tickets, your chances of winning high. We are also committed to promoting responsible fun, so we always limit the number of tickets you can purchase for any single competition.

And don’t worry if you don’t win immediately. With prize draws coming every week, the next chance is just around the corner. Our advice? Be like the angler you are and simply cast again.

So, to all serious anglers or anyone playing on their behalf, I say welcome to TackleSwoop and good luck. Who knows what gear you’ll be showing off on the bank soon.

Best wishes

John Watson