We’ve added lures to the mix!

TackleSwoop is expanding! Until now, our focus has been on match fishing gear (with a little bit of carp here and there) but our objective has always been to bring all anglers the very best tackle upgrades as part of our contribution to growing the sport in the UK. So... we’re delighted to introduce our very first lures competition in partnership with the specialist British lure design company, FFSLures!. Tell your lure-fishing mates or have a go yourself. We plan this to be the first of many!

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Preston v GURU winner!

Did you catch the drama on Tuesday night? Some 50+ tickets sold, a live draw that almost never happened (John’s son gatecrashing the live feed!) and a brand new, first-time winner in Andy Fagan! Andy only bought a single ticket but it was enough to win him £150 worth of Preston of GURU gear. Cheers to absolutely everyone who entered. For all of you who were not lucky, check out the new comps live on the site now. You can max out with multiple purchases but, like Andy, win with a single ticket. Good luck!

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More and more of you are tuning into the live draws. We love your comments as we build the tension before the winners are announced. There’s great support for the winners every time too – that‘s great to see. If you have never joined us, please drop by next time. If you‘re in a draw, look out for the ticket listings here on the website and then simply switch to the live feed on Facebook. See you there next time!

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